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What do pressure washing companies do in the Winter?

Just like ice-cream vans, lifeguards, and professional gardeners, you might find yourself wondering what your trusted pressure washing company does with itself all winter. You might be surprised to learn [...]

Is it ok to jet wash decking?

Wooden decking is a great way to add style to your outdoor area, serving as an attractive surface for outdoor seating and dining areas. However, your outdoor decking sees everything [...]

  • Jet washing for weeds

Can Pressure Washing Remove Weeds?

Weeds that grow through the stone slabs or paving blocks on your patio or driveway can be a nightmare in terms of aesthetics, collecting debris and making your outdoor space [...]

  • Patio cleaning & jet washing - Guide to removing moss from your patio

How to Remove Moss from Your Patio

As the weather starts to get warmer, planning time in the garden becomes one of the most enjoyable parts of the season. However, you may want to check how clean your patio is as harsh [...]

  • Jet washing guides - Spot the key signs your gutters need cleaning

Signs Your Gutters Need Cleaning

As spring approaches, one of the jobs many homeowners decide to tick off the list is gutter cleaning, ensuring your property has an effective rainwater drainage system in place. However, gutter clearance services can be [...]

  • Find out more about what pressure cleaning is & why you should use professional jet washing services. Ensure the right power washing techniques are used to blast grime away from patios, driveways, rooflines, render & more.

Your Guide to Professional Jet Washing

Many people understand the value of hiring a professional to help improve the look of their outdoor spaces, whether they’re a homeowner looking to save time or a business needing fast, high-quality outcomes. A popular [...]