Are you looking to clean up your outdoor spaces? Maintaining patios, paths, jumbo umbrellas, brickwork, stonework and driveways adds to the appeal of outside areas. However, stubborn black spots, lichen and algae can quickly detract from the rest of your spaces, even if you’ve kept them clean.

Luckily, with the right approach and specialist tools, you can restore your external surfaces to keep them immaculate. Here’s how you can restore your outdoor spaces with jet washing and proper maintenance.

What are the black spots on my patio?

Black spots on patios and other stone surfaces are often caused by mould, mildew, lichen or algae. These unsightly spots thrive in damp and shaded areas, often under trees or in areas with poor drainage. Over time, the black spots can spread and cover large sections of your patio and paving, detracting from their appearance and causing slip hazards.

What’s the best way to remove lichen and algae?

Removing lichen and algae for good requires a combination of thorough cleaning and preventive measures. Jet washing is the best method for removing these stubborn growths, as high-pressure water dislodges and washes away the algae and lichen from outdoor surfaces without causing damage (if used correctly).

In addition to jet washing, some people opt for a special patio cleaner or detergent to loosen or dissolve the algae and lichen, making them easier to remove. However, this is something you should ask your professional jet washing company about, as they’ll understand the right techniques and products for your circumstances.

Does jet washing use chemicals?

Jet washing relies on the force of high-pressure water to clean surfaces, making it an environmentally friendly and chemical-free cleaning method. However, in some cases, using a cleaning solution or detergent can enhance the effectiveness of jet washing, especially for removing tough stains like lichen and algae.

At Jet Wash Surrey, we use eco-friendly and biodegradable products if they’re needed to minimise harm to the environment and prevent damage to surfaces. However, we also have powerful jet washers that have adjustable pressure and temperature settings, so we may decide steam cleaning is the safer and more effective method for your surface.

Can you stop black spots from coming back?

Preventing black spots, lichen and algae from reappearing on external surfaces requires multiple approaches. If there’s something causing the black spots to appear like drainage issues (causing water to pool on your patio), this should be addressed or the problem will recur. You may also wish to keep trees and plants trimmed back to minimise shade across your stone surfaces.

Incorporate regular jet washing into your patio maintenance routine to remove dirt, debris, and organic matter contributing to black spots and algae growth. You can also speak to us about applying a protective sealant to your surfaces after cleaning to create a barrier against moisture and prevent algae growth.

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