Graffiti Removal Services

Do you need a professional graffiti removal service in London and Surrey?

Whether you’ve found spray paint on a wall or graffiti on your shop front, we can help. Using professional pressure washing techniques, we remove graffiti in no time, getting your building’s exteriors and grounds back on track.

As a specialist exterior cleaning company, we can power wash all surfaces, from brick, stonework, concrete and tarmac to driveways, render, fences, cladding and play areas. Our advanced jet washers remove grime, dirt, graffiti, bird droppings, moss, mildew and chewing gum without damaging the surface.

We come out to commercial, residential and public sites, tailoring our solutions to your needs.

Why is graffiti removal important?

While graffiti can be an art form in the right environment, spray paints are often used to vandalise buildings, lampposts, pavements, garage doors, gates, street signs, walls and other exterior surfaces. This creates an antisocial environment and can encourage others to do the same. If you’re a business, it gives a poor impression and may turn potential customers away.

To keep our local communities clean, fast graffiti removal is key. If left untreated, the paint can absorb deeply into porous surfaces like stone and brick, making it even harder to remove it without a trace, discolouring the original material. If you’ve discovered graffiti on your property, please contact Jet Wash Surrey immediately.

Graffiti removed from all places

  • Walls
  • Bridges
  • Public buildings
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Colleges
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Historical landmarks
  • Street signs
  • Private property
  • Public art installations
  • Outdoor advertisements
  • Train stations
  • Car parks
  • Skate parks
  • Sports facilities
  • Industrial estates
  • Playgrounds
  • Shopping centres
  • Tunnels

How do we remove graffiti from your building?

One of the most stubborn items to remove from exterior surfaces is graffiti, but through our professional jet washing methods, we achieve outstanding results. Not only will your exteriors be free of graffiti, but we’ll also remove stains and grime to dramatically restore the look of the surface and enhance its kerb appeal.

After you contact us, we’ll come out to assess the graffiti and perform a risk assessment, choosing the most suitable exterior cleaning techniques for the job. Tailoring our methods to your needs, we adjust the temperature and pressure of the jet washing equipment to prevent surface damage. We can even use soft washing for delicate surfaces and DOFF cleaning for historic buildings.

After job completion, we’ll advise you about graffiti protection solutions using special sacrificial coatings. This creates a graffiti-resistant barrier to prevent spray paint from penetrating or staining exterior surfaces.

Surrey Jet Wash Company

How It Works

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Site visit

A member of our team will visit your premises to take a look at the graffiti that needs cleaning.

Free quote

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Bespoke plan

Each client receives a 4-step graffiti cleaning plan, using the most suitable jet washing techniques.

Work scheduled

We organise a convenient time to complete the clean, arriving on time and carrying out the job as efficiently as possible.

Why hire Jet Wash Surrey for graffiti cleaning?

  • Experienced team: Our exterior cleaning operatives are highly experienced in all aspects of pressure cleaning and soft washing, using the best tools and equipment for the job.
  • Fast results: Removing the toughest stains and matter from hard surfaces, our graffiti cleaning service delivers outstanding results every time.
  • Safe & effective: We clean most exterior surfaces, using the most effective methods for a deep clean without causing damage.
  • Friendly service: Our locally based experts are friendly, knowledgeable and treat your property with the utmost respect, meeting our exceptional service standards.
  • Competitive rates: Our superior pressure washing solutions are provided at competitive rates, so please request a free, no-obligation estimate to find out more about our graffiti removal prices.

Graffiti clean-up & removal provided in the following locations:-

New Malden
Raynes Park
Thames Ditton
Worcester Park