Pressure washing in Camberley, Surrey

Jet washing, driveway and patio cleaning Camberley, Frimley, or nearby areas in Surrey

If you need a patio, driveway, decking, or exterior area cleaned to an exceptional standard, call the team at Jet Wash Surrey.

We are professional and helpful jet-washing experts with years of experience.

We are local pressure-washing specialists who use the highest-grade equipment to clean all residential and commercial exteriors. Due to our expertise and experience in the industry, we will always use the right tools and equipment to deliver a first-class clean.

Our power washing tools will remove all organic dirt, grime, and growth to ensure your surface looks like new. We can also remove stains like fuel spills and chewing gum.

Our operatives will always provide an exceptional result whilst never damaging the surface material. The danger with many DIY pressure washers is that they can cause structural issues and leave them more susceptible to damage. This can be an expensive mistake. Always call the professionals; we offer transparent, honest advice and no-obligation quotes.

Camberley has a complete range of homes, from Victorian mansions to modern flats. It is well located with excellent transport links and access to stunning green spaces. If you wish to keep your Camberley property well-maintained to boost kerb appeal, exterior jet washing could be the answer.

To find out more about our services and request a no-obligation estimate, please call us now on 020 8138 0184.

Services include:-

  • Pool surrounds cleaning near Camberley
  • Commercial cleaning Frimley
  • Industrial pressure washing Surrey
  • Oil stain removal GU15
  • Driveway wash and seal Crowthorne
  • Paint removal from brick in Sandhurst
  • High pressure jet washing GU14
  • Domestic and commercial jet washing GU16
  • Kerb cleaning GU16
  • Jet wash resin drive GU16

Camberley jet washing & power washing services

We offer a wide range of jet washing services near you in Camberley to transform your exterior spaces. We use the best machinery and surface cleaners for optimal results.

Are you in Frimley or Camberley? Our powerful jet-washing solutions could provide the answer to what you need.

Driveway cleaning Camberley, GU15

Driveway cleaning Camberley

Maintaining a clean driveway is crucial to making a positive first impression on guests at your home. It will also promote longevity and can even increase the value of your home. Our driveway cleaning is suitable for all types of driveway surfaces.

Please see our driveway cleaning FAQs.

Camberley patio cleaning

Garden patio washing Frimley

Regularly cleaning any patio space will ensure it sparkles and remains in good working condition. It is normal that dirt and debris will accumulate over time, and our patio cleaning operatives will save you time and effort by providing excellent patio power washing.

Dirt will not only alter the appearance of your patio but will make it slippery to walk across, so our cleaning will make your patio safer.

Effective decking cleaning Camberley

Decking cleaners in GU14

The accumulation of dirt and weeds on your decking can make it dangerous and hazardous, particularly after it has been raining. We offer excellent pressure-washing solutions to transform and restore your decking to its previous condition.

We use a combination of pressure washing and specially formulated chemicals to remove dirt and algae.

Render cleaning Camberley

House render cleaning Camberley

Render can very quickly become unsightly with the build-up of environmental pollutants. Therefore, we will effectively eliminate all organic growth, like weeds and algae and inhibit further growth from your render.

Whether you have K-rend or monocouche render, we are equipped to clean all types of render whilst never damaging the surface.

Block paving cleaning in Camberley

Block paving cleaning GU15

Rely on Jet Wash Surrey for exceptional block paving cleaning. Our block paving cleaning is available at excellent rates, and we can provide free quotes. In addition, we can also re-sand your block paving, ensuring continued durability and longevity over time.

When you call us, your block paving will receive an exceptionally thorough clean, leaving it looking fresh and well-maintained.

Camberley playground and MUGA cleaning

 Deepcutplayground cleaning

Our jet-washing operatives clean a wide range of playground and sports pitch surfaces to ensure they look good and are safe for users. We complete our work seven days a week, so we will always be able to find a convenient time for cleaning.

Our power washing tools are always environmentally friendly. They use less water than traditional pressure washing tools, and any chemicals we use are always safe for animals and children.

Commercial cleaning and jet washing Camberley

Exterior cleaning Camberley

Our services extend beyond residential jet washing and include the cleaning of all commercial exteriors, like forecourts and driveways. We work with offices, hospitals, bars and restaurants, hotels, schools and retail car parks.

Whether you need to revitalise the appearance of an outside space or clean a public area, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Please see our gallery.

Stone and brick cleaning Camberley


As well as powerful jet washing tools, we use soft washing and DOFF cleaning methods to sanitise and clean brickwork, stonework, and other delicate surfaces. These fragile materials need clever care and attention, and our team has the right knowledge to complete the work.

All tools and equipment are eco-friendly. Read our blog: What is DOFF cleaning and stonework restoration?

Pressure washing company near me in Camberley

Jet washing prices provided for customers in and around :-

  • Blackwater
  • Cove
  • Crowthorne
  • Deepcut
  • Easthampstead
  • Frimley
  • Hawley
  • Sandhurst