Exterior jet washing ideas

Did you know it’s not just patios and driveways we clean with our advanced jet washing equipment? As well as standard jobs we do time and time again, we’re also hired for specialist exterior jet washing tasks, covering MUGA sports surfaces, cleaning film and TV sets and everything in between.

From sports facilities to hospitality venues, the versatility of exterior jet washing offers a myriad of solutions to breathe new life into various environments. Here are our exterior jet washing ideas to help you discover the diversity of our services.

Jet Wash Sussex cleaned the patios at our seaside home in West Sussex. Their work was to a high standard and everything was handled professionally and efficiently. We would be happy to use them again in future.
Great clean by Jet Wash Surrey as always.Indian Sandstone patios looking like new
Brilliant service, fast response and professional.

Pressure washing for MUGA sports surfaces

Block paving

MUGA stands for Multi-Use Games Areas, offering dynamic spaces that host a variety of sports and activities. Because of the nature of their use, over time, these surfaces can accumulate dirt, grime, moss and algae, affecting both the appearance and safety of the area, which can become very slippery.

Jet washing provides an ideal solution for MUGA sports facilities, effectively removing contaminants and restoring the playing surface to its optimal condition. High-pressure cleaning not only washes the surface but also removes slip hazards, ensuring the safety of players.

Whether it’s a MUGA football, tennis or basketball court, jet washing can be tailored to suit different sports surfaces, providing a cost-effective and efficient way to maintain your sports facility.

Cleaning retail, school and nursery canopies

Block paving

As part of our school exterior cleaning services, jet washing can be used to thoroughly clean canopies at educational sites. School and nursery canopies are prone to weathering, accumulating dirt, dust, and mould. Maintaining a clean and inviting environment is crucial for educational institutions, so exterior jet washing is a valuable canopy cleaning service.

These freestanding or lean-to structures require gentle yet effective jet washing to remove built-up grime without causing damage to the canopy structure. This not only enhances the look of the school or nursery but also contributes to a healthier and more welcoming learning or dining environment.

Outdoor TV and film set cleaning

Film and TV sets often feature intricate outdoor landscapes and structures that need meticulous cleaning to maintain the desired visual aesthetics. Jet washing provides efficient solutions for cleaning outdoor environments, ensuring every scene is captured in a pristine location.

The adjustable pressure settings of jet washers allow for the delicate cleaning of set elements without causing damage. From building façades to outdoor props, jet washing can remove dirt, paint residue, bird droppings, algae and other pollutants, contributing to the seamless execution of outdoor scenes.

The speed and effectiveness of jet washing also make it an invaluable tool for maintaining the visual integrity and continuity of film and TV productions, often needed for fast turnarounds between shoots and retakes.

Winter jet washing solutions

Winter brings its own set of challenges, with damp and cold weather creating an environment conducive to moss, algae and mould growth. Jet washing, even in cold months, proves to be a valuable solution for combating the impact of winter and icy conditions on outdoor surfaces.

Winter jet washing involves the use of specialist equipment and cleaning agents which can operate in lower temperatures. This allows for the removal of winter grime, preventing the build-up of contaminants that compromise the integrity of surfaces. Winter jet washing is particularly beneficial for maintaining safety in outdoor spaces by preventing the formation of slippery surfaces due to algae growth.

Choose winter pressure washing to maintain the safety and durability of your surfaces, removing debris and dirt from areas such as driveways and walkways around your property or building.

Jet washing solutions for new hotels and restaurants

The exterior of hotels and restaurants is essential to create a positive first impression for guests, especially if you’re launching for the first time and don’t have an established clientele already. Whether it’s the façade, ramps or outdoor seating areas, the cleanliness of these spaces contributes to the overall ambience and customer experience.

For new hotels and restaurants looking to make a grand entrance, jet washing offers effective and rapid solutions, especially after renovations have finished, or you’re welcoming your first guests or media outlets to review your establishment.

From removing construction residue to cleaning outdoor furniture, jet washing quickly revitalises the exterior of hospitality establishments. High-pressure cleaning and soft washing techniques can be tailored to different surfaces, including stone, wood, tiles and concrete, ensuring a thorough and custom cleaning process. This will reflect a commitment to cleanliness and attention to detail from the moment you open your doors for business.

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