Roof Cleaning Surrey & London

As part of our professional jet wash services, we also offer in-depth roof cleans for both domestic and commercial properties. We clean pitched and flat roofing systems, including detailed roof moss removal services.

Benefits of Roof Cleaning

  • Restore your roof’s appearance – Roofs can start to look unsightly if left untreated, so a roof clean can uplift the appearance of your property’s exterior.

  • Remove moss & lichen – Biofilm species like moss and lichen can accelerate the deterioration of roofing materials, so ensure it’s regularly removed.

  • Clean tiles & slates – Notoriously some of the most difficult areas of your roof to clean, our gentle washing methods clean slates and tiles without causing damage.

  • Maintain your roofing – Algae can start to cause roofing issues if it’s left to spread, including displacing tiles, which could cause leaks.

  • Save time, stress and money – Our long-lasting solutions help prevent costly issues from occurring while removing biofilm quickly and safely.

Roof Moss Removal – Gentle, Effective & Long Lasting

Roofs are more delicate than other than other surfaces like patios and driveways, so at Jet Wash Surrey, we use a gentler approach. Our operatives use a soft washing technique to effectively remove biofilm from all areas of your roof. We can also use scrapers to remove dense moss before treatments are applied.

Moss and biofilm could become a significant problem for roofs if they’re not removed, spreading into fine cracks which can cause water to penetrate your roofing. We use a non-aggressive biocide treatment that’s ideal for use on roofs.

After the treatment is applied, the algae will slowly disperse over a few weeks to restore the appearance of your roof tiles. The biocide remains on the roof’s surface for a couple of years, preventing regrowth by killing off algae spores if they return.

Roof jet washing Surrey and London

Roof cleaning is an invaluable part of maintaining any home or commercial property. Our experienced and skilled team can complete all roof jet washing and pressure washing. Left alone, roofs can quickly become covered in moss, lichen, and algae. This can make a roof look old and unkempt.

When moss and spores collect, they freeze and then expand, resulting in tiles and slates being pushed apart or cracking when they thaw. Moss is highly absorbent and thrives in dark and most areas, and can cause structural issues when unchecked.

We use special roof cleaning products and gentle techniques to clean roofs and ensure they remain clear of moss and algae. We can also brighten up your roof and improve its kerb appeal. Our power washing may also extend the life of your roof and boost the value of your property.

We can complete residential,  commercial and industrial roof jet washing, as well as cleaning solar panels and other roofing products. Your roof deserves the best care possible, and our team can deliver what you need.

Roof cleaning in Surrey from Jetwash Surrey

Free roof jet washing surveys

We can carry out roof surveys and damage or missing tiles or mortar, which could lead to water ingress. Our team will look for issues such as detailed risk assessments for all roof pressure washing. Our fully licenced technicians will always ensure the work is completed to exceptional standards.

Not all roofs are suitable for high-pressure roof jet washing, especially those with porous slates and tiles, but our team will be able to advise you about their plans to ensure the best possible clean. Frequently, the use of chemicals and soft washing techniques can produce excellent results.

The cost of roof jet washing will depend on several factors, including the size of the roof and the cleaning method we choose to use.

“I called Jet Wash Surrey because the moss on our home’s roof was causing some issues, leading to a lot of stress and worry. Paul and the team made everything so easy from the moment we got in touch, and we now have a moss-free roof. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“Excellent communication and a first-class service – and their prices were reasonable too!”

“We contacted Jet Wash Surrey after noticing our gutters were overflowing. Paul was fast to respond, and he managed to clear the blockage in no time. Would highly recommend.”

“Our new go-to pressure washing company – we’ll definitely be back.”

“Hired Jet Wash Surrey for roof moss removal services a few months ago – it’s still clear now, so the biocide has worked a treat.”

“Hassle free power washing service. These guys know their stuff.”

“The best jet wash company in Surrey – reliable, fast and reasonably priced! I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

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How It Works

Get in touch

Contact us to speak to an expert about what you need.

Site visit

A member of our team will visit your premises to take a look at the outdoor areas or building exterior that needs cleaning.

Free quote

We provide free, competitive quotes every time.

Bespoke plan

Each client receives a 4-step cleaning plan, using the most suitable jet washing techniques.

Work scheduled

We organise a convenient time to complete the clean, arriving on time and carrying out the job as efficiently as possible.

In-Depth Roofline Cleans

As well as your tiles, slates and all roof materials, we can also clean your roofline and other specialist roofs, such as those found on conservatories.

Gutter Clearance

Make sure water flows freely through your guttering with our gutter clearance services. We use Spinaclean’s SkyVac to reach heights of up to 40m, effectively clearing all debris and blockages from your gutters and downpipes.

Fascia & Soffit Cleans

We clean every part of your roofline with our fascia and soffit cleaning service. Our low-pressure, pure water system ensures no streak marks or stains are left on any windows below.

Conservatory Cleans

A build-up of grime on your conservatory’s exterior can block views and light, as well as affecting the overall look of your outdoor spaces. We use a pure water system to clean your conservatory, leaving the glass crystal clear.

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