About Jet Wash Surrey

At Jet Wash Surrey, we offer reliable, trusted pressure cleaning services to both domestic and commercial customers in Surrey and South West London localities.

Reliable Jet Washing Company Near You

We’re known in the local area for our outstanding customer care, putting your needs first. We don’t just use the same jet washing techniques for every job, tailoring all plans to your exacting requirements. We take on pressure washing tasks of all sizes, whether it’s a small patio that needs cleaning or large commercial premises.

Whatever the job entails, our team acts with professionalism and efficiency to produce results of the highest standards.

Our Mission – Restoring the Appearance of Domestic & Commercial Spaces

We believe the environment should be kept looking as clean as possible, whether it’s driveways in a residential area, your private patio and garden, commercial spaces, buildings or public areas. While we use water to remove dirt and grime from surfaces, it’s more environmentally friendly than other methods such as using a hose pipe or regular cleaning materials, getting fast results so that no water is unnecessarily wasted.

Our Approach

We value all of our customers, so provide free advice whenever you need it with no obligation to commit to our services. Our clients love our low-pressure, friendly approach, providing clear recommendations for how to achieve the outcomes you want.

The Right Methods

Power washing is something which should only be carried out by those trained in the right methods, often using high pressures, high temperatures (steam cleaning) and chemicals to blast stubborn grime away from any surface. It’s vital that no damage it caused during the jet washing treatment, so we create a detailed plan for every job, ensuring the right techniques are used for each type of surface we clean. For example, soft washing may be required for render cleaning or roof moss removal. We can also help you with your long-term maintenance of each area, including solutions to prevent future algae growth.

The Best Equipment

Our jet washers use a rotary washer head at ground level with a pressure washing unit, producing a powerful, effective and precise clean. We can adjust the system and equipment as needed, using lower pressures for delicate surfaces and high temperatures for steam cleaning.

Outstanding Customer Service

We know how frustrating and costly it can be for customers when they use a company who doesn’t deliver on their promises. Our team is highly trained to produce the desired results at the highest of standards, achieving impressive outcomes every time you use us. We do things the right way, the first time, exceeding your expectations through our care and commitment to providing the best services in the area.

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