The TV and film industry is known for its meticulous attention to detail, and this extends to the visual presentation of outdoor sets and locations. Keeping exterior settings clean is essential for creating a realistic and captivating on-screen environment.

Jet washing services are a valuable asset for TV and film production companies, including the provision of outdoor location cleaning, post-shoot exterior cleaning, set continuity cleaning and everything in between.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Exterior cleaning services for the TV and film industry – set preparation and maintenance

In the world of TV and film, authenticity is key. Clean and well-maintained exterior settings can make or break a scene, contributing to the overall realism of the production. Exterior jet washing services can play a vital role in preparing the set for filming by removing graffiti, dirt, grime, chewing gum and other unsightly blemishes to ensure a pristine backdrop for scenes.

Over time, outdoor spaces often accumulate dirt, algae or weather-related damage, so professional jet washing can also restore the appearance of ageing sets, extending their usability. Consistency in set appearance is crucial for maintaining the illusion created on screen, and gentle pressure washing can even be used to clean outdoor props before a reshoot.

Outdoor location cleaning

Outdoor filming locations are often chosen for their natural beauty and ambience. However, these settings require regular maintenance to stay visually appealing. Exterior jet washing can be used for location cleaning, removing leaves, dirt, bird droppings, moss and unsightly marks from walls, paving stones and other exterior surfaces.

Gentler cleaning methods can even be used for restoring historic stonework and architecture. In addition to aesthetics, exterior jet washing eliminates health hazards like mould and slippery surfaces that pose risks to the cast and crew working there.

Post-shoot set cleaning

After a film or TV shoot, exterior sets may require extensive cleaning. Post-shoot jet washing is often essential to return a space to its original state and ensure its readiness for future use. It removes residue left by pyrotechnics, special effects and set construction.

Jet washing returns sets and locations to their pre-shoot condition, ensuring they remain a usable and attractive space for future productions while allowing a faster turnaround between shoots.

How to choose a professional jet washing company

When selecting a professional jet washing company for film or TV set cleaning, consider their experience, equipment, safety measures, flexibility and reviews to make an informed choice. With the right service, you can create stunning and authentic outdoor scenes that captivate audiences.

Choose a company with experience in servicing the film and TV industry, as they’ll understand more about the unique requirements and expectations of this field. Ensure they use portable, state-of-the-art jet washing equipment capable of handling various surfaces and cleaning challenges, such as outdoor locations away from water supplies.

An experienced team will also have strict safety procedures in place, which is vital when working on sets with cast and crew nearby.

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