As the warmer weather approaches, enjoying your outdoor spaces becomes a must, so a good place to start is making sure your patio is clear from grime and dirt. Jet washing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to clean a patio, but there are some key things to know before you get started.

If you’d like to know how to jet wash a patio, read on.

Why clean your patio & decking?

Patios are one of the most common areas of a garden to pick up all sorts of grime that dramatically affect their appearance, with stains caused by anything from dirt and soil to grass, BBQ food and bird droppings. The stone and concrete slabs used for patios can quickly begin to look dirty, making it harder to relax or entertain when the space doesn’t feel clean.

Fortunately, jet washing provides an easy way to restore the look of areas such as patios and decking. It can even make the surface less slippery by removing hazards from the slabs which crop up during cold and damp weather, like moss and algae. You can even use jet washers for heavily stained areas, such as cleaning garden paths.

Best patio cleaning methods using a jet washer

Jet washing is often considered the best method for cleaning patios, thanks to its speed and effectiveness. You’ll need to start by preparing the area for the clean, as pressurised water will be used during the process. Therefore, make sure your patio is clear of furniture, pots, watering cans and ornaments. You could also brush away loose debris such as soil and leaves using a large-headed broom.

You should only use a pressure washer suitable for patios and wear safety equipment such as goggles to protect you from flying debris. Most high-quality models will come with detailed instructions for how to use them, involving plugging the pressure washer into your electricity supply to ensure a perfectly pressurised system. A handheld hose sprays out a pressurised water stream to direct at the grime. You can also use various attachments and power washer heads to make the job easier.

Consider professional jet washing services

It’s often confusing when you start looking at the different jet washing equipment on the market. Pressure washers come in all shapes and sizes, and you’d need to buy a product that’s suitable for the surfaces you need to clean. It’s also vital you wear safety gear while using the machinery and apply appropriate techniques so that you don’t damage fragile materials and plants.

Many property owners find it much cheaper, quicker and hassle-free to use a professional jet washing company. These experts invest in advanced power washers that result in a more powerful clean than you could produce using DIY techniques.

Request pressure washing solutions for patios

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