Some people assume jet washing is only completed on a small scale, used for domestic sites like patios and driveways. However, advanced commercial jet washing solutions exist to help large businesses and organisations keep their building and outdoor areas looking professional and clean.

Here’s everything you need to know about large-scale jet washing services for commercial clients.

Why is pressure washing important for businesses?

If your premises don’t look clean and tidy, it can give a poor impression of your company standards. Benefits of commercial jet washing include your property looking its best, getting fast results and using this method for cleaning many different surface types.

While it’s difficult if you’re based in a highly polluted area like a city or have lots of footfall coming past, regular jet washing is the key to keeping on top of the appearance and cleanliness of your property and its grounds.

What do commercial jet washers clean?

Commercial jet washing can be completed on a large scale, covering building exteriors and surrounding areas. This includes car parks, garages, driveways, forecourts, concrete, paving, outdoor seating, playgrounds, ramps, roofs, brickwork, tarmac, paths and walkways.

Commercial jet washing is also suitable for façade cleaning, including stubborn graffiti removals. Buildings are among the most common places for grime, algae and pollution to cling to, causing a dirty appearance and discolouration. Professional jet washing services can considerably improve the effects of these issues.

How do you pressure wash high-reach areas?

If you have high-reach areas to clean, expert commercial pressure washing services should be used, as they’ll have the necessary equipment for the job size. This includes telescopic poles to reach windows, using a purified water system for a streak-free finish.

Large-scale commercial pressure washing is often conducted using specialist safety equipment, including cherry pickers to reach spots on high-rise buildings and tall structures. This is suitable for residential apartment complexes, retail outlets, office blocks, schools, hospitals, churches and hotels.

Is commercial pressure washing suitable for delicate surfaces?

When creating grounds maintenance and exterior cleaning plans, there may be delicate surfaces involved. This includes render, roofs, cladding and historical stone. If you hire a professional commercial jet washing company, you should always ask them about their methods, as an assessment should be completed before work begins.

If delicate surfaces need jet washing, gentler approaches will be taken, often using low-pressure options with adjustable temperatures, including soft washing and DOFF cleaning techniques.

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