Problems with moss growth can be recurring and unsightly for many homes and businesses, affecting everywhere from sports courts and driveways to patios, paths and roofs. The best way to tackle the problem is to use effective tools and methods to remove the moss.

Whether you need to clean a tennis court or give your driveway a spruce up, at Jet Wash Surrey, we’ve implemented an unbeatable moss removal service. Introducing the Westermann machine to our pressure washing services has been invaluable, impressing our loyal customers.

Here’s everything you need to know about this advanced jet wash solution.

Why is moss a problem?

Whether it’s moss on your patio, paths or driveway, it can affect your property’s appearance and surface safety. Moss thrives in damp and shady spots, spreading fast across various hard surfaces. While it may seem harmless, moss can cause several issues, resulting in unsafe, slippery surfaces or clogged drains.

Unkempt moss significantly affects the visual appeal of your home or business site. On roofs, moss can even cause structural damage, lifting tiles and retaining moisture, which can degrade roofing materials over time.

How does our Westermann moss removal machine work?

At Jet Wash Surrey, our powerful Westermann moss remover offers the most effective and efficient solution for this type of issue, covering a large surface area in no time. The machine uses rotating wire brushes to scrub away moss from hard surfaces. The mechanical action is powerful enough to remove algae from all cracks and crevices without damaging the underlying material.

The Westermann allows for changing pressure with adjustable bristle heights, cleaning different surfaces with the appropriate intensity. Whether it’s delicate stone paving, tarmac or a MUGA surface, we tailor settings to the surface needs.

Unlike traditional moss removal methods relying on harsh chemicals, the Westermann machine achieves its results through mechanical action alone, making it more environmentally safe.

Where can we remove moss from?

We offer moss removal solutions for all types of hard surfaces. This includes cleaning moss from walkways, patios and outdoor seating areas, ensuring they remain safe and visually appealing. Our Westermann machine can even navigate the intricate patterns of block paving for a thorough clean.

Driveways are another key area we tackle, as they often accumulate moss. We cover large areas quickly, removing moss and preventing the slippery conditions that can make driveways hazardous.

Our Westermann moss removal are suitable for cleaning block paving, concrete, tarmac and rubber play areas. We also offer expert jet washing and soft washing for mossy roofs.

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