If the outside of a commercial building or home is starting to look a little worse for wear, one of the easiest ways to give it an uplift is to ensure any stonework or bricks remain clean. Jet washing is one of the most versatile methods of keeping external surfaces free of grime and dirt, but how does it work for this type of material?

Here’s your guide to easy brick and stonework cleaning.

Keeping brick and stonework clean with jetwashingCan jet washing be used on stone and brick?

Jet washing is one of the fastest, most effective ways of cleaning brick and stone, whether it’s a building’s façade, paths, ramps, pond surrounds, driveways or other structures. Unfortunately, these materials do gather a lot of dirt and grime, including from vehicles, people walking across the surface or airborne pollution, so it will require a specialist technique to remove stubborn matter from the site.

Which jet washing techniques are best?

While jet washing is an effective stone and brick cleaning method, it does require expert know-how to ensure a thorough job is completed.

Cleaning specialists use commercial grade power washing equipment to produce the best outcome for every job. These jet washers direct the stream of water or steam with precision to blast away any dirt and algae present on the surface.

However, the right technique must be chosen to ensure no damage is caused, and gentler cleaning methods may be required.

Will jet washers cause damage to the stone?

Unfortunately, many people don’t realise (until it’s too late) that high-pressure jet washing techniques could cause damage to stonework.

Soft washing methods, such as doff cleaning, are often necessary for this type of material. This technique combines low pressures and high temperatures to prevent damage to delicate surfaces while restoring the look of the brick or stone, including its original colour.

Professional jet washing companies will adjust the temperature according to the type of material and its condition, protecting it from further harm and preserving the structural integrity.

What about paint removal?

As well as grime and algae, jet washing can also be an effective paint removal technique. This is particularly useful where stone or brick walls have succumbed to graffiti and vandalism. If you’re planning to renovate a property or repaint its exterior, a deep clean can help you start with a smoother, cleaner surface.

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