Many people understand the value of hiring a professional to help improve the look of their outdoor spaces, whether they’re a homeowner looking to save time or a business needing fast, high-quality outcomes. A popular service you may be considering is jet washing, using powerful cleaning methods to enhance the look of patios, driveways and more. Here’s everything you need to know.

Find out more about what pressure cleaning is & why you should use professional jet washing services. Ensure the right power washing techniques are used to blast grime away from patios, driveways, rooflines, render & more.What Is Jet Washing?

Jet washing is one of the most effective methods for cleaning outdoor spaces, using a combination of water and a pressure washer to blast away grime from surfaces. This technique can remove a plethora of sins, from lichen and algae to chewing gum and dirt. It’s a quicker, easier method than using a manual scrubbing brush, using a narrow nozzle to direct the pressurised water spray to the exact points required.

Where Are Jet Washers Used?

Jet washing can be used across a variety of different settings, from domestic to commercial spaces. Ground surfaces are often cleaned by power washing methods, such as patios, paths, ramps, pool surrounds and driveways to ensure these areas are as enjoyable to spend time in as possible. However, did you know jet washers are also used to clean external parts of a property too? This includes roofs, conservatories, fascias, soffits and render, improving the overall look of a building or home.

Are There Different Power Washing Techniques?

Absolutely! One of the mistakes people make when using a jet washer is to think that one technique suits all surfaces. In fact, you need to adjust the method depending on how delicate the surface is and the amount of grime to wash away. For example, for roofline features such as fascias and soffits, a gentler pressure should be applied to ensure no damage is caused to the roof materials. Or for a patio or driveway, where grime can be remarkably stubborn, it may require a combined effort of pressure washing and steam cleaning.

Why Choose a Professional Jet Washing Company Over DIY Pressure Washers?

While many property owners invest in a home jet washing kit, nothing beats a professional service. By hiring an expert, they’ll use the best industrial equipment and machinery for higher quality results than you can achieve yourself at home with a much cheaper device.

Specialist jet washing companies will have received in-depth training, understanding how to remove grime from surfaces in the most efficient, quickest way without damaging the surface.

DIY methods could potentially cause damage if you don’t use the most suitable techniques for each surface you clean. You could also end up wasting a lot more water than intended trying to remove the grime, which is less environmentally friendly.

Looking for a reliable jet washing company?

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