We all know our houses need cleaning, but many of us don’t realise the same goes for our driveway until the day comes when it does not seem to be looking its best. It might have unsightly algae in shady spots, bird mess, some odd pools of car oil, persistent weeds, and generally looks unkempt, spoiling the appearance of your otherwise tidy garden.

Of course, you can go to your local home improvement store and buy a jet washer. Apart from being quite arduous work for an amateur, there is a method and some skill involved in being able to do a professional job. You need to know what cleaning products to buy, what pressure to use and how to clean the driveway in the most efficient way, without damaging your house walls or even the driveway itself. We’ve had customers do these things and had to call us in to put it right. We hope you will see driveway cleaning as a regular task you ask us to do; how often depends on your driveway.

Jet washing and sandingEach driveway cleaning job is different

When we come out to quote for your driveway cleaning, we look at the driveway material. If it is all solid – say composed of concrete, we will suggest a different treatment from block paving. Block paving has sand in between the spaces. Over time, weeds tend to grow and in pulling up or removing the weeds, some of the sand may have been removed too. Gradually the pavers instead of being flush with each other, have spaces between the slabs, which seems to encourage the weeds even more. The pavers become less stable and may move a bit instead of being flat.

Replacing the sand

After we have jet-washed your driveway, we may re-sand it too to make it look like new again. We will suggest the best sand for the job. This work should keep the weeds at bay for some time. However, we suggest you have your driveway inspected by us regularly to keep it looking its best. We can advise how often we think this needs to be. It depends on the position of the driveway (sunny or shady, for example) and what problems there are in keeping your driveway clean. If you are on a busy road, your driveway might need more regular attention than a house down a quiet lane.

Sealing the driveway

Depending on its composition, we may recommend sealing the driveway. The seal provides a barrier to elements that were causing your drive to deteriorate in the first place, so will inhibit moss or algae and should stay looking good for longer. Of course, we will advise you on the best plan of action.

Patios and other outdoor spaces

You might like us to quote for jet wash cleaning your other outdoor areas too. It would seem a shame to have an immaculate driveway and then a grubby patio or moss-covered decking. Let us know and we can quote for them all – obviously under no obligation.